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From the very first moment, we knew that one of the secrets to making Juicy Fat Ass a great porn site was to have a large amateur porn section. For us, this is an essential aspect, because we know that this is one of the things that our distinguished users love the most, and everyone knows, what our users are asking for is the law for us.

That’s why our entire team works very hard every day to keep our site up to date and of course to update the Amateur Sex section with the best videos of couples who one day decide to show the country and the world what they do in private. Amateur movie videos are among the most exciting in the world of porn, because there is nothing like watching a couple fucking and moaning, falling prey to desire, while they are recorded with a phone camera or computer. In this section, we will leave out the porn stars, even if they have sculptural bodies and it’s hard to ignore them, because we will only focus on normal people like you and me who have simply decided to record themselves having sex.

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Not only will you find XXX videos of some people having sex in their bedroom, office or room and recording themselves, you can also find masturbation videos recorded with a webcam or even sex videos recorded from a hidden camera.

If you are interested in seeing perfect bodies and a great production with excellent light quality and HD, we recommend the Pornstars section for you. There you can find the best pornstars getting doggy-style fucked over and over again while the best porn producers in the world create a whole scenario for them.

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As we said before, French women are hot whores, so don’t be surprised if you see incredible scenes with the dirtiest and most original porn positions, because our beautiful women are incredibly creative and love to practice new positions and behave like real sluts to their men.

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Here you will find hidden cameras or boys and girls who want to start their life in the world of porn: lesbians, gays, transsexuals and heterosexuals. In our site you will find what you are looking for and a huge amount of videos.

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Do you like voyeurism? Amateur categories specialize in this kind of videos, because it is usually a voyeur or sadist who is happy and excited to see a couple having sex while recording them from afar without the couple knowing it. It’s true, we can’t deny it, voyeurism is a very strange practice but it’s also exciting, after all it’s seeing other people fucking. Which is what we do every night on Juicy Fat Ass isn’t it?

Today, we have an extensive list of categories, tags and channels that our users can choose freely.Our team searches for the best XXX videos from these pages to display on your screen and have them all in one place.

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