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You can experience face-to-face with your partner while she sucks your cock, in the famous 69 positions designed to make you more horny than ever! You can even bring a partner and let him sit on your face simultaneously as a threesome, after which he will switch positions between your face and your cock. Let your partner, friend or the girl you’re going out with sit on your face – we guarantee you’ll love her as much as she does.

Face Sitting is a sexual paraphilia in which one partner sits on or over the face of the other, usually to allow or force oral-genital. In addition to oral-genital and oral-anal contact, the position also leaves the lower partner’s hands free to stimulate other erogenous areas. In this position, the upper partner can be turned in either direction. It is common for this position to be part of BDSM, involving domination and submission, although this is not necessarily the case. In a BDSM or Dominated/Submissive context, Fat Ass FaceSitting can be a form of erotic humiliation.

Hug Butt FaceSitting is common among both dominant and submissive individuals to sexual satisfaction. Unlike choking, in FaceSitting, the lower partner is not deprived of air. Body pressure, body odor and darkness are perceived as powerful sexual attractions. The seated person may be bound, sexually submissive or simply held by the weight of the other person’s body. In some cases, the enslaved person will consume the body waste of the dominant (urolagia and coprophilia).

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